Vibraphonic Kyma X Vol. I (LP)

by Brittany Anjou

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Brittany Anjou processes various takes performing the chromatic scale on vibraphone into Kyma X. Each track is a live representation of working and reacting to Kyma X, the mega-processing sound design interface responsible most notably for creating the soundtrack to Disney's Wall-E. The repetitive nature with which she had to practice the chromatic scale is represented sonically in each manipulation of recorded vibraphone. This is an existential representation of the horror of strict vibraphone technique training by a teacher who would not let her play anything but the chromatic scale for three full years, diluted in her memory from the ten years since to exaction. The results obtained are presented here, unedited. Listen carefully for subliminal messages about the universe, humanity, aliens, natural disasters, rain, UFOs, mirrors, and physics. Sound designers will highly appreciate this nerdery. That is, if any of them survive the aliens that wipe their memory clean at the end of listening to the entire record, of course.

MOTION SICKNESS WARNING: this album contains micro-frequencies and catlike baby voices. Therefore it is not suitable listening for dogs, animals in general, or those easily subject to nausea, vomiting, migraines, stomach-aches, or stress. Except, the sexy solo synth bass track is pretty chillax. Sample that on an empty stomach and be filled with ecstasy.

Special thanks to Carla Scaletti, inventor of Kyma X.

If you're skipping to the last track for that big surprise alien memory cleanse, too bad for you. They know a skipper when they see one. Even from outer space. You have to listen to the full record non-stop. Then they'll come to wipe your memory. Just like the X-files. Afterwards, you'll feel exactly like Jodie Foster in Contact. Heroic. Like you've discovered another universe. But no one believes you. Because you dropped straight through the orbital ship into the water in one minute and a half. No portal was ever seen by another soul. Then they all make fun of that random eccentric billionaire who pops in and out of the movie every 50 minutes.

Except, your only hope to saving humanity is one thing. Those 18 hours of static recorded on the camera. Eighteen hours of footage that some government official inevitably had to master. Someone. Someone who didn't have the choice of skipping to the end. Someone who was ordered by the government to watch it for 18 hours, straight. In order to defend all of humanity from extraterrestrials. You never thought you'd be so grateful for uninterrupted static. Think of that while you audit this record, with a length of only twenty-six minutes.

If you're still reading, congratulations; you win the big fat giant nerd award. If you're still listening, bigger congratulation: you're a masochist! And we love you.

x o x o x,

th3 ali3ns


released August 16, 2015

Brittany Anjou - Vibraphone, Kyma X Processing, Engineering.



all rights reserved


Brittany Anjou Brooklyn, New York

Brittany Anjou is an American pianist & vibraphonist based in New York City. She leads the LARCENY Chamber Orchestra, Brittany Anjou Trio, and is the frontwoman of experimetal feminist punk band Bi TYRANT.

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Track Name: Droplets Are Really Just Aliens
Brittany Anjou - Kyma X Processing, Engineering.